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2013 Annual TCSAAC Conference

September 26-27, 2012

Norris Conference Center

Downtown Fort Worth, TX

Keynote Speakers: Lt. Mark Wiegert and Special Agent Thomas Fassbender: These two seasoned investigators are currently working in law enforcement in Wisconsin. They will present an incredible case study in which they will walk you through their investigation and how they assisted in the prosecution of Steven Avery in 2005. On Halloween in 2005, Steven Avery lured Teresa Halbach, a photographer for Auto Trader Magazine, to the Avery Salvage Yard with the pretense to have her take a picture of an automobile he wanted to sell. It was later discovered that his real plan was to rape, murder, and mutilate Teresa Halbach. Steven Avery was previously convicted of Rape in 1985; however, he was later exonerated in 2003 through DNA. It was later that the same technology would be used to convict him.

Teresa Halbach Case Study & Presentation

Lt. Mark Wiegert and Special Agent Thomas Fassbender

All Day Presentation

Sexually Motivated Homicide

Part 1

Sgt. Cheryl Johnson

Fort Worth PD Homicide

How Supervision and Treatment Collaborate to Control Sex Offenders in the Community

Lawrin Dean, LSOTP


Rachael Darling

Tarrant County CSCD

Family Justice Centers: The Advantages and Challenges of a Coordinated Response to Domestic Violence

Michelle Morgan

Director of OneSafe Place

Reducing Victimization by Empowering Families

Jennifer Acker, MS

The Parenting Center

Sexually Motivated Homicide

Part 2

Sgt. Cheryl Johnson

Fort Worth PD Homicide

State of Texas vs. Sheila Loven

Sean Colston, JD & Betty Arvin, JD

Tarrant County DA's Office

Effects of Violence on Children

Casey Harrelson, BA, CFLE

SafeHaven of Tarrant County

Human Trafficking, Prevention, & Intervention

Joseph Orthalek, MA, LMSW, DCSW

U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

Trends in Juvenile Justice Justice and Legislative Updates

Riley Shaw, JD

Tarrant County Juvenile Court

Sexual Assault in the Military: Media Behemoth or National Crisis?

Annette Burrhus-Clay, MA

Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA)

Risk Factors of Domestic Violence: Homicide - Safety Planning

Christy Vela, LPC-S

SafeHaven of Tarrant County


Part 1 of 2

Emily Spence-Almaguer, PhD

UNT Health Science Center


Derrelynn Perryman, LCSW

Arlington PD Victim Services

GPS Monitoring on Family Violence Cases

Sgt. Tim Pinckney

Arlington PD

Lisa Hunt

Tarrant County CSCD

Adolescents Who Sexually Offend: Accountability in the Home and Collaboration with the Community

Jesse Diaz

Foster Parent

Child Custody Law and Therapists: What You Need to Know

Judge Judith Wells

325th Judicial District of Texas


Part 2 of 2

Emily Spence-Almaguer, PhD

UNT Health Science Center


Derrelynn Perryman, LCSW

Arlington PD Victim Services

Workshop handouts will be made available as they are received. To download the available handouts, click on the presentation above.

Mitch Poe Award Winners - Each year, TCSAAC honors a professional who distinguishes himself/herself as a passionate defender of victims of sexual abuse. Previous recipients include:
   2008: Mitch Poe - Tarrant County District Attorney for whom this award was named after. Mr. Poe was instrumental in advocating for victims' rights.
   2009: Bubba Schafer - In 2002, he was credited for apprehending a serial rapist, Manuel Salamanca, Jr. The police in Arlington, Cleburne, Burleson, and Benbrook had been looking for the rapist for six years after being linked to nine rapes. Salamanca Jr. was then convicted and sentenced to two life sentences. Bubba has since dedicated his life to helping victims of abuse.
   2010: Rona Stratton-Smith and Lisa Gabbert - Stemming from the murder of Rona’s sister and Lisa’s rape, the two have managed to turn tragedy into a movement for change and triumph – not only in their own case but in the state and nation. Their journey, self admittedly, only has an end when there are no more sexually violent predators. This is a journey they willingly make through agencies, courts, and legislative sessions. They made the declared shift from victim to more than merely survivors – to forces to be reckoned with in Texas.
   2011: David Montague - Former prosecutor for the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office.
   2012: Sheila B. Johnson - She is an outstanding member of the community whose name is synonymous with victims’ rights and protecting children. If there is something that has happened in the field of protecting children or advocating for rights of victims, this person has likely been instrumental in it. She is committed to Justice for Children and Changing the Lives of Children. She is always willing to be hands-on and do whatever is needed to help the community. She invests much of her time and expertise to help the community and advocate for the care of children and families in Tarrant County. She has worked a lifetime creating organizations, such as the Alliance for Children. She is the past Chair of the Tarrant County CPS Board. She is the secretary of the Amon G. Carter Foundation Board of Directors. She and her foundation have continually provided funding to multiple agencies to help with research and protecting children and families.
   2013: ALANA MINTON - Chief Prosecutor of the Crimes Against Children Unit in the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office. She has worked for the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office since 1997, holding her current position since 2007. She has dedicated her career to protecting children and all those effected by sexual abuse. She works tirelessly in training and supporting an excellent staff who share her passion for helping victims and ensuring that victims have rights. This person has provided valuable information during past workshops and continually goes over and above to help the community.